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Are you being kept in touch?

We are concerned that there are members of the Socialist Labour Party we don't know about. For a time we urged members to pay by Standing Order rather than Direct Debit. The Bank sends notification of money paid in, but particularly with this group the Bank of Ireland only notifies us of "a member" without any further details. Please send us a message on this site if you think it applies to you giving name and contact details. We deeply regret this has happened.

We are planning to organise SLP presence at events up and down the country. Today was a May Day Rally in Chesterfield and soon Tolpuddle will be celebrated. We plan to have a presence. Come and join in and celebrate Socialism!

Above Mel Hepworth and Terry Robinson from Yorkshire Region; Paul Liversuch and Peter Dean, East Midlands; Shangara Singh, Bhagwant Singh and John Tyrrell (behind the camera!) West Midlands.

We are hoping that members can join us at Tolpuddle later this year. Rob Hawkins of the South West Region will be organising this. You can find his details in the regions shown on the website.

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