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Akhlaque Ahmed, Socialist Labour Party Candidate for Gloucester

Residents of Gloucester. My name is AKHLAQUE AHMED. I’m here to be the servant of the people of Gloucester. The voice to represent the city, the people and communities. I am not a self serving politician to represent myself. I am a voice of Gloucester. I am married with two children and proud to be a resident here. I work in the health industry supporting people with mental and physical illness. I love my job helping & supporting people less fortunate. As we stand on the brink of a new era for Gloucester, we envision a city transformed by the principles of socialism, where the collective good triumphs over individual greed. Our mission to foster a community where every citizen's basic needs are met, ensuring equality, justice, and shared prosperity. First, we will put key industries into common ownership, including healthcare, housing, and education. By eliminating the profit motive, we can ensure that everyone has access to essential services, reducing inequality and improving quality of life. We will implement a robust public housing program to provide affordable homes for all, ending homelessness and housing insecurity. Our economy will be restructured to prioritise workers' rights and cooperative ownership. By supporting worker-owned businesses and cooperatives, we will create a more democratic workplace, where profits are shared among those who contribute to the success of the enterprise. We’ll invest in sustainable infrastructure, focusing on renewable energy and public transportation, reducing our carbon footprint while creating green jobs. This will not only address the climate crisis but also stimulate economic growth. Through communal decision-making processes, every citizen will have a voice in shaping Gloucester's future. Together, we will build a city where resources are distributed fairly, opportunities are abundant, and everyone thrives. Keir Starmer's "new" Labour is NOT true Labour.. it’s a self serving party that supports the illegal occupation, suffering and deaths of women and children in Gaza. He fully supported the illegal invasion and blamed Hamas for the atrocities. Please vote for fairness, true beliefs, equality and collective community working for the best of our city. We are your voice the voice of the people.

Areas for Akhlaque:

Moreland Matson and Robinswood Abbeymead Abbeydale Coney hill Barton and Tredworth Podsmead Grange Tuffley Westgate Kingsholm Elmbridge Longlevens Barnwood Hucclecote

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1 Comment

4 days ago

We hope you will get involved. Understanding the increase of serious crime and the clear concern this has on violence against women and girls to ensure Gloucestershire is a safe place. We will be sending this over to all of the candidates with hope it will be the forefront over your minds if you'd get in office to represent Gloucestershire.

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