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A thought on colour coding

These last decades have seen movements with revolutionary potential hit the headlines. Greens began to make some impact, I seem to recall, about fifty years ago, mainly in Germany; the black and women's liberation movements a bit earlier.

So we get the "rainbow alliance" idea, with its [apparent ?] successes, as in South Africa.

Still, at least some of these promising aspirations have been less than clearly "progressive" , the Peter Tatchell tendency, for example, being, so far as I know, very much a minority among "gay rights", and the Tory C-in-C {Clown in Chief} posing as a greemlin [he'd lie down in front of the earth-movers to stop another Heathrow runway, joined by Mr Goldsmith, no doubt !]

All the more important, then, for socialists to insist that red is the colour not only of the month but of our present and future. The colour which gives light to all the others [Greens know, in their heart of hearts, that only socialism can save the human and physical environment, and that dallying with the neo-liberals is dangerous and even fatal to this aim]

Even infra-red can help us see in the dark of the capitalist murk; we can detect their tricks and avoid being picked off by their snipers.

Give me some light !! Let it be Red !!

David Marchesi, Southwest Region 11/11/2021

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