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51st anniversary of the Battle of Saltley Gate, 1972

10th February, 2023 is 51st anniversary of the Battle of Saltley Gate, a day to be set down in British history and a day for celebration for working class people coming together and achieving a notable victory which would end up with the fall of the Heath government. It is an event that should and could have been repeated had it not been for loss of nerve and the failure of leaders, including some in the Labour Party, to champion the interests of the working class. Orgreave, for example, was on target for repeating Saltley, but instead of maintaining the pickett there as had happened at Salley in '72, they were moved elsewhere. Police later

admitted that had they stayed there was little they could do any more than the officer in charge at Saltley could on that day when he order the gates to be shut.

The year of celebrations of 50th anniversary was marked by a major conference in Birmingham with leading Trades Unionists speaking.

Performances of Banner Theatre Productions are continuing across Britain and are available for booking.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery added a digital archive of stories of Birmingham.

West Midlands and Yorkshire TV interview Arthur Scargill on 50th anniversary of Saltley Gate.

There is more to do to remember Saltley Gate, The Mural of Saltley Gate at Birmingham South and City College at Digbeth requires renovation. A permanent educational site needs to be established at the site in Saltley taking advantage of present reconstruction taking place there. Banner Theatre wishes to complete a video of its production. Funding will be necessary for these advances and it is hoped that the Trades Union Movement will take a lead in keeping the memories of key moments in its history alive.

Socialist Labour Party 10/2/2023

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