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Tory 'standards' = Capitalist Immorality

One of the great problems facing today’s Britain is the lack of decent jobs as a result of decades of closing of our basic industries. Two of the main driving forces for these closures have been the European Union and its German industrial core which along with French agriculture formed the basis of the origins of the initial structure. German industry, which had tremendous American investment after WW11 (The Marshall plan) to modernise, may be compared to British industry which was left on its knees, often dependant on Victorian buildings and industrial equipment to keep struggling along. The second big attack upon our Industry came from the Thatcher regime (and subsequent ‘Thatcherite’ Labour and Tory/Lib Dem regimes).

When we delve into the Thatcher regime which followed The Callaghan attacks upon the British working classes, we find that one of its most pernicious aspects was asset stripping. In this process, viable industries were shut down with their work forces thrown onto the scrap heap. The shells of the industrial buildings remaining were then sold off to property redevelopers. One of the most notorious of these asset stripping organisations was Slater-Walker securities. Peter Walker, one of those at the head of the organisation, was a Thatcher ‘blue-eyed boy’ and politician who, like his son became an M.P. in Worcester. He later entered the House of Lords.

His son, Robin Walker is now a member of Boris Johnson’s Tory regime. It is frightening to think that his latest posting is as Minister of State for school standards. If the sort of standards that you wish for in state schools include a total disregard for the quality of the lives of your fellow members of the working class, then this appointment seems ideal. After all, a future scenario might be the closure of state schools, with the sacking of all the educators. The buildings, themselves could be converted into Victorian themed workhouses where the underfed children could be kept 'fit' on purpose-made treadmills while their parents get ‘on their bikes’ looking for insecure, hire and fire, underpaid and in-built ‘bullied by the bosses’ work. Oh what a delightful prospect the Tory regime presents for the British working classes of the future!

Rob J. Hawkins, SLP South West Region 8/10/2021

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The task of resistance to the destruction of the state school system lies on us all, parents, grandparents, staff and "governors",but perhaps especially staff organised in unions. We need also to be aware of the less direct attacks on good schooling which originate in sometimes ideologically-driven schemes imposed on teaching methods.

Education can be a help to self-realisation and solidarity , child-centred, not subject to the bosses' demands [ "vocational training" is not proper to school-children,as someone like Enoch Powell pointed out - the bosses want "hands", not educated people ] As some observers have noted, we are faced with a class-driven agenda where the schools are just another "commodity" ,where the encouragement of critical thinking is eliminated .

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