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Labour Movement must demand 85% of Multinational Profits

The Budget hailed by the media and by right wing economists as positive will result in local authorities increasing rent and council tax, transport yet again increasing and pensioners will lose £17,78 per week as a result of the government breaching the Triple Lock, added to which workers will suffer a severe decrease in wages which should be at least £15 an hour.

All this and yet not a word about the £250 billion being spent on Trident Nuclear Missiles and Defence; spending which over the years has seen over a million men, women and children die in Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq .

The answer is not woolly speeches in the House of Commons but in the Trade Union Movement taking action to force the government and the Labour Party opposition to demand that the multinational companies pay 85% of their profits; organisations such as Amazon, Apple; Google; Facebook; and Microsoft.

Arthur Scargill

President National Union of Mineworkers 1982- 2002.

Leader Socialist Labour Party.


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