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Scargill's reply to the Morning Star

Have people and the Morning Star forgotten that the elected President of Ukraine was overthrown by a Coup D’etat in 2014 and replaced by an unelected Oligarch as  “President" to the delight of the USA, Britain, the EU and NATO.

Has the Morning Star forgotten the unlawful invasion of Grenada which led to the murder of Maurice Bishop or the unlawful invasion of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan which led to the occupation of these Countries by the United States. In Iraq alone nearly half a million lost their lives, many young men from Britain.

Have the Morning  Star and the “left-wing" political leaders forgotten that currently the State of Israel continue to invade and occupy Palestinian and Syrian lands with hardly a whimper from many who call themselves “Left”, and the on-going occupation of part of Cuba on which the U.S. established a hell-hole called Guantanamo Bay.

I do not support any Capitalist Country but I understand the difference between nations particularly when both sides claim the right to that land which had been one country for over a hundred years, as in the case of Ukraine and Russia. 

I am sick and tired of listening to British "left" leaders and peace campaigners protest together with forces who hate Socialism whist forgetting or ignoring that Britain has unlawfully occupied Ireland for over 700 years and continues to occupy part of that country today.

The Chinese understand the situation in the dispute involving Russia and Ukraine and refuse to regard Russia's action as an invasion. They noted that negotiations must involve the guarantee that Ukraine agreed: it would not be part of NATO or the European Union. Both have been sending arms to Ukraine and continue to do so.

The Chinese understand the situation in the dispute involving Russia. They know that the United States has threatened that if China takes back Taiwan into China it will face the USA and most probably Britain. 

The solution to the conflict can be resolved quickly, but only if Ukraine confirm its previous agreement with Russia that Ukraine will not join NATO or the EU or allow any NATO or USA bases to be allowed on Ukrainian soil.

Arthur Scargill

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