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Russia v. Ukraine. Western generals and politicians

Updated: Jun 25

The comments by Generals in the United States, I have NATO and Britain on TV and in the Media that the Russian involvement in the conflict in Ukraine has come to a standstill demonstrate how stupid they are, they should hang their heads in shame.

The Russian Military has been in Ukraine less than three weeks and have surrounded major Cities, Ports and Airfields ---- Compare the United States and Britain's invasions in Korea for three years which they lost and after a ceasefire the USA is technically still at war 72 years later and:

The United States invasion of Vietnam in 1954 lasted 21 years, a war which the USA lost in 1975 and:

The United States and Britain's invasion of Afganistan in 2001 lasted 20 years and ended with an ignominious defeat for America and Britain in 2021 yet in spite of these defeats the Generals who led them have the gall to pontificate to Russian Generals who defeated the Fascists at Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad, and the Tank Battle at Kursk in the war in 1940 -1945 and in the process liberated Ukraine.

It's time to tell the Ukrainian Government to honour the agreement in 2014 and give an undertaking that it will not join or seek to join NATO or the European Union and will not allow them or the USA to have Bases on Ukrainian soil.

Arthur Scargill. President National Union of Mineworkers 1982-2002 and

Leader of the Socialist Labour Party

15th March, 2022

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