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Putin confronts Western lies, spin and ignorance on Ukraine

Updated: Feb 14

Russian President Valdimir Putin's interview with U.S. journalist Tucker Carlson on 11th February, 2024 attracted contrasting responses. Hillary Clinton calling Carson a "useful Idiot" (a phrase reportedly unsed by Lenin!) to a range of comment from noted U.S. commentators wishing to hear directly from the Russian leader.


Putin went back centuries before the war begun in 2022. He stated Russia and the Ukraine tried to commence a peace deal in 2022 in Istanbul. This was scuppered by the then U.K. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson rushing to Kyev (Putin named him) to stop President Zelensky proceeding. He said: "Wouldn't it be better to come to an agreement with Russia? To agree, understand the situation that is today, understanding that Russia will fight for its interests to the end, and, understanding this, actually return to common sense, start respecting our country, its interests and look for some solutions?"

And Russia? "We are ready for this dialogue."

Putin asked why the U.S. wanted to spend hugely arming UKraine for what was comparable to a "civil war". "Does the United States need this? Why? It is thousands of kilometres away from its territory! Don't you (i.e. the U.S.) have anthing esle to do? "

He pointed out that Russia had not used tactical nuclear weapons as the West feared.

Putin noted that mercenaries from the United States, Poland and Geogia were fighting for Ukraine.


NATO's fears of a global war and nuc feared by the Westlear conflict Putin saw as the West frightening people with "myths of a Russian threat".

Russia had not used tactical nuclear weapons as feared by the West.

Russia had no interest in Poland, Latvia or the whole continent of Europe and would not attack unless Russia itself was under attack.

" You don't need to be some sort of analyst to know that this conradicts common sense - to get involved in some sort of global war. A global was would bring the whole of humanity to the brink of exttinction It is obvious".

The West failed to understand that Russia after the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union wanted to be part of the family of so-called "civilised peoples" but that its hopes were spurned as NATO expanded eastwards.

"The West" Putin continued " was more afraid of China than Russia due to its swift economic growth."


Puting spoke of genetic research and artificial intelligence.saying "geneticists could create a 'superman' and Elon Musk had put a chip in a human brain."

Humanity needed to think about what to do about the advances in genetics and artificial intelligence and suggested the nuclear arms control treaties of the Cold War could be a guide. Putin said:

"When there arises an understanding that the boundless and uncontrolled development of artificial intelligence or genetics or some other modern trends, cannot be stopped, that these researches will still exist just as it was impossible to hide gunpowder from humanity... when humanity feels a threat to itself, to humanity as a whole, then, it seems to me, there will come a period to negotiate at the inter-state level on how we will regulate this,"


Who blew up the pipeline? Mr Putin mentioned the US Central Intelligence Agency.

"The CIA has no alibi,"


Evan Gershkovich, a US citizen, was detained by the Federal Security Service (FSB) on 29 March 2023, in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg on charges of espionage that carry up to 20 years in prison. He denies the charges. Putin said Mr Gershkovich was caught "red handed" receiving classified information on behalf of US intelligence.

"I do not exclude that the person you mentioned, Mr Gershkovich, may end up back in his homeland. Why not? It makes no sense, more or less, to keep him in jail in Russia. These negotiations are under way." In return, Moscow wanted Germany to free a Russian citizen who was convicted of the 2019 murder of a Chechen dissident in Berlin.


President Putin expressed concern about the presence of Nazis currently active in the Ukraine. Wasn't this an out dated view? Putin pointed out a recent speech by an elderly Ukrainian to the Canadian Parliament. He was met with a standing ovation by those present, including the Canadian Prime Minister and other senior government figures. Afterwards it was pointed out that the speaker had fought in the second world under Bandera, leader of Nazis in Ukraine who co-operated closely with Hitler's army in World War II deporting Jewish people and others to the gas chambers. Bandera has become a hero with sections of the Ukrainian people with his picture hanging in the offices of political leaders.

Credits, Reuters, R.T.E.

Socialist Labour Party 10.2.2024

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