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Miners' Memorial at Swadlincote

A memorial was erected to miners in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. This was due to the efforts of Socialist labour Party members. Today East Midlands members will be laying a wreath as they do annually. Due to circumstances, inclduing Covid 19 Omicron upsurge members from other regions are not able to join them. We send them a message of Solidarity.

Here in an earlier ceremony, Paul Liversuch, National Executive Member for East Midlands region is shown by the Miners' Memorial is Swadlincote. He will be joined today by Nick Wroughton, also East Midland member and General Secretary Of the Socialist Labour Party.

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Proud [shameless] Tories like our Mr Johnson tell us that Mrs Thatcher only destroyed the UK coal industry to cleanse the country - before the old miners fade away, couldn't we urge teachers' unions to press for lessons to be planned at all school levels on the real role of King Coal in the national past ?? Can't see how the Ministry bureaucrats could stop such delivery of what might prove challenging material for young and old [college and university students, U3A] Who better to help plan the lessons than retired miners ??? Would love to see Arthur invited by Economics/Sociology teachers ,not just in ex-mining areas, but at Westminster[School] and, say, Eton !!!! More likely, of course, that Yorkshire…

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