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Free Julian Assange meeting at St Pancras Church

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Free Julian Assange meeting 26/10/21 at St Pancras church, about 100 people present. Main speakers.

1.Former MP Chris Williamson. Said Julian an inspiration to the world.He was betrayed by politicians,journalists and judiciary. Chris was particularly critical of lack of Labour MPS support for Julian

Chris says Julian exposed war crimes of Britain and America throughout the world. Also the evil arms trade, and corporate control over governments.

2.Dereck Summerfield. Chair of Psychiatrists at Freedom from Torture

Stated that Julian was on trial for exposing war crimes of UK and USA , particularly executing innocent civilians.

3.Andrew Feinstein former South Africa ANC activist and member of South Africa parliament. Stated Julian was an inspiration to the whole world. He said Julians arrest and trial was a travesty of justice. Julian is on trial for exposing Western powers war crimes throughout the world, also for exposing national security state being used against political activists.

Russia Today interview with John Pilger warning of implications of action taken against Julian Assange and consequence treatment to not only journalists but any citizen who decides to be a white blower against injustice and criminal acts of those holding power.

Kevin O'Connor, London Region 27.10.2021

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