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Comment from Prof Takis Fotopoulos

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Commentary: Statement on the Ukrainian by Arthur Scargill, the current leader of the Socialist Labour Party (SLP), perhaps the only large left-wing organization in Britain that had taken a clear position in favor of Brexit (see also the joint T. Fotopoulos speech at a SLP event in favor of BREXIT) and historical leader of the miners, who were bloodied by Thatcher to introduce neoliberal globalization in England (but also in Europe as a whole). Just as all those who are supposed to be in the interest of the people should argue, so does Scargill take a clear stand against the Transnational Elite, represented by its organs (NATO, EU), showing that it is their own aggression that is responsible for the current conflict. In a bid to end the Putin-dominated regime once and for all, they overthrew the Yanukovych government in 2014, installed Nazi Ukrainians in power to purge pro-Russians in the east, and militarized Ukrainian-based territory. relevant statements by Secretary of State Victoria Newland) and military exercises (see post by J. Payat, then US Ambassador to Ukraine, from 2015 on US and Ukrainian military military exercises). Today, in a regime of complete anti-Russian hysteria, with propaganda having reached unprecedented levels, we are called upon more urgently than ever to choose between globalization or national sovereignty. And as Scargill puts it, it's time to show that "we are opposed to globalization.”

Statement by Arthur Scargill, 15.03.2022 The revelation that Ukraine had set up a military base near the border with Poland and that Ukraine and NATO had conducted joint military exercises in recent years shows that Ukraine acted in breach of the agreement with Russia that it would not join the NATO or the EU. The hysteria in NATO and the EU and the accumulation of military equipment before Russia acts and the billions of dollars / pounds and other currencies of NATO and EU countries show me that the current conflict between the two capitalist countries started with NATO and European Union. It is time for the Socialists to make it clear that we are opposed to globalization and that the expansion of the United States and NATO is not done on our behalf. This conflict can end today, provided that Ukraine abides by the 2014 agreement and states that it will not or will not seek to join NATO or the European Union and will not allow NATO or the United States to have bases on Ukrainian territory. Listening to the comments of the US generals, watching on TV the statements of NATO and the British government, and observing what is generally said in the media, that is, that the Russian side in the conflict in Ukraine has swamped, shows how stupid they are and will they had to bow their heads in shame. The Russian military has been in Ukraine for less than three weeks and has surrounded major cities, ports and airports. Compare that to the three-year invasion of Korea by the United States and Britain, where they lost and after a ceasefire the United States is actually still at war 72 years later. The US invasion of Vietnam in 1954 lasted 21 years, a war that the US lost in 1975 and: The US-British invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 lasted 20 years and ended in a disgraceful defeat for America and Britain in 2021, yet despite these defeats, the generals who led them have the audacity to criticize from above. to the Russian generals who defeated the fascists at Leningrad, Moscow, Stalingrad and the tank battle at Kursk in the 1940-1945 war, and then liberated Ukraine. It is time to tell the Ukrainian government to abide by the agreement in 2014 and to pledge not to join or seek to join the European Union or NATO and not to allow NATO, the EU or the US to have bases on Ukrainian soil.

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David Jacobsen
David Jacobsen
Apr 08, 2022

Best in 2022 local elections campaigns to all Socialist Labour Party members, candidates and supporters in Wales, Scotland and England.

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