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Capitalism=Glaring Inequality in Society

In Britain, week after week, we are forced to hear our corrupt politicians and

mainstream media churn out the same message about how well the economy is

doing and how GDP growth is leading to more prosperity. At the same time, food

banks are essential requirements for larger numbers of citizens, evictions for

people who can’t afford to pay rent or mortgages are gathering pace and inflation

of all prices is beginning to take a further toll on the poorest in society.

Why is it that there is an ever- widening gap between the rich and the poor?

Since the covid pandemic began, for instance, it is estimated that the wealthiest

in society have tripled the fortunes that they have amassed, whereas the vast

majority of us are struggling to make ends meet.

The Capitalist system in Britain has had hundreds of years now in which to

consolidate its position. Only in 1647-8 was there a real prospect of going down a

more decent path with new ideas being discussed in the New Model Army

councils at Putney with Colonel Thomas Rainsborough being the main spokesman

on behalf of the ‘Levellers’. Unfortunately, his political assassination a little while

later ended any hope of a much more reasonable route for society to take and

the ‘Agreement of the people’ documents were abandoned.

So it is that Parliament, in general, represents the interests of the wealthiest in

society with ‘big money’ and the mainstream media advocating the viewpoint of

these people and it is easy for a Conservative M.P. to cross the floor of the House

of Commons and immediately join the ranks of the Labour Party. There is hardly

any difference in the overall viewpoints of the ‘mainstream parties’. For instance,

where is the Labour Party opposition to the constant warmongering of the

military industrial complex? Blair is being knighted, amongst other things, for his

exceptional contributions to this warmongering and the profits of the arms


The capitalist career-minded politicians in Parliament are generally out to line

their own pockets and we have seen, consequently, ever increasing wealth

disparity in Britain over decades. Mandelson, for example, said, in effect, that he

was extremely relaxed about people becoming obscenely wealthy. No mention

was made about any exploitation of others in achieving such economic riches.

He himself was forced to resign his position on more than one occasion because

of reasons including dubious economic activities.

When we hear in Parliament about the economic successes of the UK, reference

is, of course, being made to the wealthiest in society with their ownerships of ‘Big

business’ and vast salaries and shares and other assets such as property portfolios

and yachts. Their policy is generally to maintain minimum staff levels and pay

workers as little as possible. The housing market and other assets beneficial to

these people are artificially maintained using public funds to benefit them. If the

Banks get into financial trouble, they are bailed out by public funds. We are the

ones who have to fork out to maintain the opulent lifestyles of these parasites.

What is the point of growing economies or boasting of rising GNP’s if the ordinary

people of Britain feel no benefits from them?

Not until we have eradicated the membership of our ruling political, legal,

military, policing and financial bodies of Capitalists can we hope to see a truly

happy and prosperous future for the vast majority of our people. Nor should our

media be influenced by them.

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