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Arthur Scargill, leader of the Socialist Labour Party, leads from the front

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Arthur Scargill, leader of the Socialist Labour Party leads from the front, unlike Labour's Keir Starmer who sacked a Labour front bench spokesman who defied him. Here Arthur is with other SLP members, including Ken Capstick and Terry Robinson (Yorkshire) and Nell Myers (London). They are at Doncaster Station in support of the train drivers' Union ASLEF members who called the strike today, 30th July, 2022.

Meanwhile John Tyrrell, SLP President, visited New Street (Grand Central) and Snow Hill stations in Birmingham to show solidarity there.

The above demonstrates clearly that trade unions who are disgusted with Starmer's Labour Party can affiliate to the Socialist Labour Party. This was established by trade union leaders including Bob Crow and Pat Sikorski together with Mick Rix, Joe Marino and Arthur Scargill, Frank Cave, Ken Capstick and Ricky Tomlinson. Other notable people who played a significant role at first include Bridget Bell, Nell Myers, Katrina Howse and Carolyn Sikorski.

Individual members of Starmer's Labour Party who have seen the Heart of the Labour Party "Clause IV" torn out by Blair and now see the Party refuse to support workers who take strike action and instruct Labour MPs not to attend picket lines should join the Socialist Labour Party.

John Tyrrell 30/07/2022

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