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Russia v. Ukraine

The revelation that Ukraine had established a Military Base near the border with Poland and that the Ukraine and NATO had over the past few years conducted joint Military Mmanoeuvres proves that Ukraine has acted in breach of an agreement with Russia that it would not join NATO or the EU.

The hysteria in NATO and the EU and the build up of military equipment before Russia acted and the billions of dollars/ pounds and NATO/ EU currencies from Western Countries shows to me that the current conflict between the two Capitalist Countries was started by NATO, and the European Union

It's time that Socialists made clear that we oppose Globalisation, and United States and NATO's Expansionism is not in our name

This Conflict can be ended today provided Ukraine adhere to its ageement in 2014 and state it will not join or seek to join NATO or the European Union and will not permit NATO or the United States to have any Bases on Ukrainian soil.

Arthur Scargill 14.3.2022

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