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Palestine v. Israel


The fight by the Palestinian people against the State of Israel which has occupied large areas of Palestine and evicted Palestinians from their homes should be supported.

We see the hypocrisy of the United States in condemning the Palestinians who are fighting back against Israel’s vicious assaults on citizens of both Gaza and the West Bank, including the killing last year of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, shot dead while covering an Israeli raid on Jenin Refugee Camp.

For 56 years the Apartheid State of Israel has unlawfully occupied land which belongs to the people of Palestine

The United States and the United Kingdom condemn Russia for what they call occupation of Ukraine, whose regime with the support of NATO overthrew an elected President in a coup d' etat in 2014.

Israel has violated 28 resolutions of the United Nations, and violated the Hague Regulations IV, Article 43 ( 1907) by creating duel legal systems in the occupied territories.

The Socialist Labour Party demands that Israel should withdraw from the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, the Golan Heights – and all Palestinian lands it has occupied since 1967.

Arthur Scargill

Socialist Labour Party

7 October 2023

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Zionist fanatics, "Christian" as well as Jewish, have long planned to destroy Palestine - the only Israeli PM to try to make some sort of just agreement with the Palestinians was murdered by such , with the tacit-at least-approval of "Honest Ben" Netanyahoo. Before Mr Rabin's murder, of course, older readers may recall that of Count Bernadotte, the UN mediator, by Jewish terrorists [17 Sept 1948- a day o infamy that should be pushed down the faces of the "Israel First" folk in the UK] The Jewish and Democratic [sic] State is immune to all human decency, and its aim of having the "international community" recognise Jerusalem as the undivided and eternal[ re-sic] capital of the Jewish State is…

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