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no 2 NATO no 2 war - launch

Updated: Mar 7

No2 nato launch event attended by several hundred people at Bolivar Hall in Central London agreed to set up No2natono2war as an organisation. There were several speakers. Key speeches were by.

Chris Williamson, Socialist Labour Party. Said Nato works for big corporate business. Labour party has always supported nato since 1949.Some 'socialist' campaign group of mps are supporting send arms to Ukraine such as John Mcdonnell and Ian Lavery. Chris says we should be fighting for world peace.

George Galloway from the Workers party of Britain said Western imperialism losing control of world. They are not willing to accept this.This is why the current world political crisis.

Peter Ford. Former british ambassador to Syria said that Britain does not gain from supporting American instigated wars.Only creates terrorism in Britain and a flow of refugees escaping from wars.

Andy Hudd. Vice President of ASLEF Trade Union. Said many trade unions have a confused position on war in Ukraine.There needs to be a peaceful settlement. We need to build an anti imperialist anti war movement.Need to fight for socialism.

Conclusion a very inspiring uplifting event. No2 Nato no 2 War is now off the ground.

Kevin O'Connor, Socialist Labour Party London Region 26/2/2023

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