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Local Elections in Scotland

I have put myself forward in the forthcoming council by election to give voters an alternative to the failed politics of both Westminster and Holyrood. A local election it may be but the impact of austerity politics emanating from, in the first place, the tories in Westminster but ramped up by the SNP at Holyrood. This has had a devastating effect on North Ayrshire including the Dalry & West Kilbride ward where we live. I believe people are beginning to see the sham constitutional wrangling of both these parties for what it is - a distraction from the cuts, failures and neglect in government of both. I have lived for over twenty years in this ward, I have been active as chairperson of Meadowfoot Tenants’ & Residents’ Association for much of that time with a record of community activism and positive outcome for the area. I am also chairperson of North Ayrshire’s Trades Union Council and have been so for many years. I retired prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but volunteered my services to assist during the current crisis and have worked the past year in a local North Ayrshire school. If elected I will commit 100% to representing the people of Dalry & West Kilbride ward and I will campaign to improve the life chances of young and old. To do so will require that North Ayrshire Council get the resources necessary to maintain, improve and develop public services in education, housing, roads, amenities, social services and everything else that are so essential to a thriving and happy community - that will be my prime concern. A start has to begin somewhere at sometime - make it now. VOTE JAMES MCDAID - SOCIALIST LABOUR PARTY No. 1 on August 12th.

James McDaid 2/08/2021

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an excellent statement from the candidate, a man of integrity and energy

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