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China Huge Boost in Coal Output

The decision by China to boost coal output in order to avert power cuts is a common sense decision which will help it's population to have warmed as it approaches projected severe winter.

If Britain had not stupidly closed it's coal mines we would not now be facing massive Electricity; Gas and Fuel costs.

It's time the so called experts stopped regarding Global Warming with Climate Change.

We can extract CO2 from coal and gas by Carbon Capture but both Tory and Labour Parties have and are continuing to blame coal for what we are really facing namely Climate Change which the earth has faced for millions of years.

If Britain's Coal Mines had not been closed politically we would today be self sufficient in energy and be able to provide our country with all the power it needs. I welcome the common sense policy of China and call for its example be followed by all countries who have coal reserves to follow China' example.

Arthur Scargill

President NUM 1982-2002. 9/10/2021



Gazprom raises forecast for gas export prices by over 10% in 2021 Governments need to take action to combat fuel suppliers taking the opportunity to ratchet up prices as market prices soar. One way of doing this is to cut dependency on importing energy and using what is available at home, as China has decided to do. This does not mean stopping work towards developing sustainable energy. In the U.K. a coal mine that was making great progress in developing carbon capture was closed shutting down the means to develop the technology that is needed.



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came across this by chance, but it may show how , longer-term, the use of coal/fossile fuels is likely to decline as a proportion of energy used even in China.

"In China, President Xi has targeted for the country to be carbon-neutral by 2060, and for 25% of the energy mix to be from renewables by 2030 - this is testament to China’s long-term commitment on going green, as well as its ambitions to foster a global champion industry"

We also hear of possible large-scale import of Norwegian hydro-power.

Finally, as with almost everything, the most vital need is to put a brake on the irresponsible capitalist, frantic over-consumption of energy. Common sense tells us all to reject reckless unsustainable…

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